past shows

Just a few of our past shows. In no particular order.

"Could you be more ridiculous??? Lol-ed over and over!"

-- Doug C.  

"Is It Six Already? Anniversary Show"

"Yes, I laughed a lot. Very entertaining. Lots of variety."

-- Richard K.  

"Is It Six Already? Anniversary Show"

"The show was freaking hilarious! What talent! Great show. Thoroughly enjoyed it."

-- Timothy L.  

"You Are Here Anniversary Show"

"Congratulations on 5 amazing years!"

-- Andrew T.

"You Are Here Anniversary Show"


"Great 5 year anniversary show!!"

-- Tamara L.

"You Are Here Anniversary Show"


"Great show last night. We had a lot of fun, because it looked you all were having a lot of fun, too. Very funny, clever, and witty throughout. 😂"

-- Richard K.

"You Are Here Anniversary Show"


"This show was wonderful. Dancing and uncheesy improv -- pure entertainment."

-- Annette D. 

"You Are Here Anniversary Show"

"Show was great last night! Wonderful new line-up"

-- Jeff M.

" I. Did. Laugh."

-- James L.

"We had a great time! Lots of laughs! Thanks for acknowledging us and for the wine. So thoughtful! "

-- Kathy C.

"Terrific show last night, Karen !! Most enjoyable evening my husband & I have had in a long time. Felt good to laugh - really laugh - after all the heartache we've been through !! Thanks to you & the entire troop for inviting us & living up to what you promised ! "

-- Lory L.


"Thanks to Karen and Corrie and the guys for a great show and my girlfriends who spoiled me this evening! #ididlaugh"

-- Lynn D

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