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Sat 01.22.22

POlite Ink's
9th Anniversary show
MuCCC Theatre

Cloud Nine MuCCC.jpg

How are we 9 already? Wow, we remember when we were yea tall. We looked up lots of facts around the number nine and most were math-related…and math is hard. Let’s just say we’re dressed to the nines and on cloud nine that we’re back LIVE on our home stage at MuCCC to celebrate our 9th anniversary with you. Hilarious sketches, witty improv, letting our inner clowns out, singing, dancing, and plenty of cheeky laughter. So, make it a date night, grab some friends, your favorite aunt, neighbors, and be part of the fun!


Sat 06.25.22

Polite Ink. Presents:

PI After Dark

MuCCC Theatre

coming soon

So here's the deal, we're ALWAYS goodie-goodies on stage. Being hilarious while on our best behavior is exhausting, which is why we decided to let loose for this show. That's right we're tossing out that wholesome PG13 rating and going R-rated! Shut the front door! Oh yes, yes, yes... it's happening! All packaged up in an exciting, yet slightly different format than our normal shows. Change is hard, we get it, so don't worry, we'll still have witty improv based on audience suggestions, original sketch comedy, dancing, and singing of course - just with swearing and adult humor you probably can't share with your kids. Adulting doesn't have to suck all the time. YOU. WILL. LAUGH.