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Upcoming shows

Saturday 06.15.24
3rd PI After Dark Moon.jpg

3rd annual

POlite ink. after dark

at MuCCC Theatre


What you may not know about us at Polite Ink. is that we have a dark side. It is a place where our comedy gets a little darker, the lights a little moodier, and the drinks a little stiffer, in our After Dark lounge. A place where for just one night we deep-six the PG13 wholesome, fluffy bunnies and $hit were known for, in lieu of racier, saucier, more adult topics. Take caution and be prepared for Language, Sex, Smoking, and Nudity. Okay, okay…no nudity...(we swear Mike's wardrobe malfunction last year was an accident!) But the sex language will be smoking! There will also be original sketch comedy and improv based on your suggestions. So keep those minds in the gutter and the suggestions coming. We are ready for you.




Pre-show reception, cash bar (more information coming soon!) 


$10 in advance, $15 at the door




Future shows


7th annual 

oh watta night! 

Benefitting The people's pantry of Rochester

at ofc theatre



12th anniversary show

at MuCCC theatre


PI logo.png


4th PI: After dark

at MuCCC theatre


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